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HENGDA road construction machinery limited was founded in 1993,specialized in manufacturing asphalt batch mix plant, it is a technology oriented road construction equipments manufacturer company, who locates in new district of Wuxi, very close to 312 national way and Shuofang airport. Company focus ...

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  • 072018/12

    MORE+ Bauma CHINA 2018,successfully h

    The exhibition area, exhibitors and audiences have a comprehensive record Unprecedented, domestic and foreign big-name companies compete for swords The trend of wisdom and environmental protection, lea...

  • 072018/12

    MORE+ Asphalt mixture warm mix techno

    Sponsored by Zhangye Chengtou Group, Changan University Continuing Education College, National Engineering Laboratory for Highway Maintenance Equipment and Changan University Magazine, Zhangye Rongchan...

  • 062018/12

    MORE+ Domestic industrial robots have

    Published: 2018 -12-5 China Highway Machinery Network Weichai Power Weifang High-tech Park, 136 industrial robots are systematically stamping, welding and finalizing the core components here, more than...

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Address:77th,Hongxiang RD,Taikeyuan,Hongshan town,New district,Wuxi-214000,P.R.China

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